Both, Either, Neither (English)

We use both/either/neither to talk about two things or people.

– Rosemary has two children, both are married.
(Rosemary mempunyai dua anak, keduanya telah menikah)
– Would you like tea or coffee? You can have either.
(Kau mau teh atau kopi? Kau bisa mendapatkan salah satunya)

A: Do you want to go to the Cinema or the Theater?
B: Neither, I want to study at home. (Neither –> Not the cinema or the theater)
(Tidak keduanya, saya ingin belajar di rumah)

Compare Either and Neither
Q: Would you like tea or coffee?
– Either I don’t mind
– I don’t want either => TRUE
– Not I don’t want either => FALSE
– Neither

Both/Either/Neither + Noun
Both + Plural. Example: Both windows/books/children
Either/Neither + Singular. Example: Either/Neither window/book/child

– Last year I went to Paris and Rome. I liked both cities very much.
– First I worked in an office, and later in a ship. Neither job was very interesting.
– There are two ways from here to the station, you can go either way.

Both of…/Either of…/Neither of…

– Neither of my parents is English
– I like both of those pictures
– Both of them are married

Both … and…

Example: Both the students and the teachers are happy.

Either… or…

Example: Either the student or the teachers are sad.

Neither… nor…
Example: Neither the nurses nor the doctor is here.


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