iPhone Fish Eye Camera Lens

iPhone Fish Eye Camera LensYou can’t go out these days without being ‘papped’ by at least one person on their mobile phone camera. With pretty much every mobile phone in existence now possessing the means with which to take away part of your soul it is an everyday hazard that we all must face. Of course any captured images are shared with the world via Facebook, Flickr, and all sorts of social networking sites. If you are like us however you may have noticed that all these pictures tend to look the same. With similar groups of people, doing similar things, in similar places you need something individual to help your photos stand out from the crowd, and what easier way than with this amazing Fish Eye Lens attachment for the iPhone?

For those of you that don’t know a Fish Eye Lens increases the angle of the image captured by your camera giving you some truly interesting touches on all the images you take, we’ve included some example images above, although they weren’t taken using an iPhone they’ll give you an idea of the sorts of crazy effects you can achieve. Instead of taking the same boring photos, of the same boring people, in the same boring places, now you can liven up your photo portfolio, and it’s as easy as slipping your iPhone into a slim line case and screwing the lens into place.

When not in use the lens itself can be unscrewed from the case and stored safely, whilst your iPhone remains in the case protecting your precious iPhone from all manner of bumps and scrapes. There are no apps to install, and no fiddling around with settings, just attach the lens, then point and shoot for crazily kooky photos every time! The iPhone camera is without a doubt one of the widest used cameras in the world today, so make sure your photos stand out from the crowd in the easiest way possible. This is a great gadget for budding photographers, or just anyone who wants to add something different to their snap shots.


  • Detachable screw-in fisheye lens for the iPhone
  • 160 degree angle of view
  • Versions available for the iPhone 3G/3GS/4
  • Slim-line protective case fits to the back of the handset; simply screw in the lens whenever you want to use it
  • The protective case is lightweight, durable and discreet enough to be left attached to the handset permanently, guarding against bumps and scratches
  • High quality rubberised finish

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